Tuesday, 9 July 2013



I got three pickings off this spinach.

The final one was of plants going to seed, so I used 1 lb of leaves for this quiche.
my favourite quiche 

This basic recipe I used from my battered old favourite cookery book, "How to be a Supercook and work as well" by Lyn Macdonald, 1976 (Elm Tree Books).  It is an old library book which I bought when the library was selling off old stock.  The quiche recipes are excellent.  Lyn Macdonald suggests an 11 inch dish but mine is smaller than that.

Here it is

Make the short pastry (8 oz flour, 4 oz mix of lard and marge) and line a dish, then pre-cook it, lined with greaseproof paper (about 20 mins) in hot oven

The filling is as follows
Put in a bowl:
Three eggs, about half a pint of single cream (or more if your dish is bigger than mine), about 2 ounces of cheese (I used Swiss Emmenthal, grated but she suggests Gruyere). A little salt, pepper, grated nutmeg.  

Cook 1 lb spinach leaves in a little butter for short time, until soft, then chop it up roughly.
Add spinach to the mix of eggs, cream etc.  I added a little chopped streaky bacon, which I blanched first in boiling water, but I think back bacon would be nice.

Cook on a lowish oven for about 35 or 40 minutes, depending on your oven. Mine is a Fan Oven.  I used 150 degrees.  Lyn suggests 200 degrees C (400 degrees F) or Gas 6.  

Do not cook too hot, you do not want the mixture to boil!

We really enjoyed this last night, with some peas off the plot.  Thank you, Lyn Macdonald!

 My other success so far this year, a row of Meteor Peas.  I grew them indoors in my greenhouse to start them off, in three lots of Root-trainers which I covered with their lids, because the mice love peas and have snaffled them all in previous years.  

I had to cover the peas with netting too, when they started to produce pods, because of pigeons, the bane of my existence over there, along with the other banes, foxes, mice, slugs, snail, bindweed, couch-grass,  etc.  Ah well, you have to keep trying....

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  1. Looks delicious I will definitely try this recipe